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A lot of PPC marketers use the Google Ads script for Quality Score tracking. And we agree, it's a great script to keep focussing on the quality in your accounts. So of course, you want to do this as well in your Microsoft Advertising accounts. But that's a bit trickier. Because Bing Ads scripts don't have a connection to Google Sheets.

Frederick Vallaeys published a script for Bing Ads to keep track of the quality score in your account. Because the output can't be synced with Google Sheets, the results will be logged in the script history. You have to check this history every once in a while to keep an eye on your QS in Microsoft Advertising.

To get started with this script, all you have to do is copy-paste. And then just check the log every day, to keep track of you Quality Score in Bing Ads.

The script
function main() {
    var time = "LAST_30_DAYS";
    var totalImpressions = 0;
    var totalQs = 0;

    var iterator = BingAdsApp.campaigns().forDateRange(time).withCondition("Impressions > 0").get();

    while(iterator.hasNext()) {
        var campaign =;
        var impressions = campaign.getStats().getImpressions();
        totalImpressions += impressions;

    Logger.log("The account had " + totalImpressions + " impressions (" + time + ")");

    var kwIter = BingAdsApp.keywords().forDateRange(time).withCondition("Impressions > 0").get();

    while(kwIter.hasNext()) {
        var keyword =;
        var kwText = keyword.getText();
        var impressions = keyword.getStats().getImpressions();
        var qs = keyword.getQualityScore();
        var qsContribution = qs / totalImpressions * 100;
        Logger.log(kwText + " " + impressions + " " + qs + " " + qsContribution);
        totalQs += qsContribution;

    Logger.log("Account QS: " + totalQs);

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