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Within Google Ads you have the possibility to use scripts. These Google Ads Scripts make managing your campaigns simple, you automatically make changes or you focus on optimizing your campaigns.

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Make maximum use of advertising planning. 24 bid adjustments per day per campaign to take advantage of good moments in the day and save costs on quiet moments.


Apply bid adjustments to the added locations in all campaigns based on the CPA.


Receive a daily update of your account performance by email. This way, you can start your day immediately.


Add Responsive Search Ads to all your ad groups. Based on existing headlines and descriptions.


Get notified whenever your Ad Grants accounts violates the Grants policy.


Improve Display placement quality by automatically excluding words and including relevant domain extensions.


Add search terms as a keyword when they perform well. An easy way to expand an account.


Check for duplicate search terms across accounts and keep your matching straight!


Apply automatic bid adjustments to target groups in campaigns.


Automatically exclude Exact match keywords in Modified Broad Match campaigns. Neatly via Negative Keyword Lists.


Automatically review device bid adjustments for all campaigns. Based on CPA, it is determined whether bids should be increased or decreased.


Exclude non-branded search terms in branded Shopping ad groups. This script works for one or more products per ad group and with multiple brands.

Grow your PPC accounts with Google Ads Scripts

We have divided the available Google Ads Scripts into functionality. For example, there are scripts for reports, exclusions, bids and bid adjustments. Are Google Ads Scripts new to you? Then first read our tips & tricks so that you can make a good start.

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