By adding as many locations as possible in your campaign, you gain more insight into the performance in the target area. That way you can make bid adjustments to reduce the cost per conversion in locations that are too expensive.

We also have scripts for bidadjustments for audiences, locations or adschedule. Start automating all of your bidadjustments today.


In the script you can only adjust the following things:

  • LOG: Specify whether the script should report the intermediate steps by adjusting the value to true.
  • DATE_RANGE: The script looks at the conversions and costs over this period.
  • EXCLUDE_LOCATIONS: Exclude locations from this scripts with location ID's. Add multiple location ID's with comma's separated. Find the ID's here:

Scheduling: To generate sufficient data we advise to run the script once a week.

// Copyright 2019. Increase BV. All Rights Reserved.
// Created By: Tibbe van Asten
// for Increase B.V.
// Created: 20-07-2018
// Last update: 15-03-2019
// With this script we adjust the biddings for locations in 
// active campaigns.

var config = {

  LOG : true,
  // Add location ID's to skip from bidadjustments, comma seperated
  // Find location ID's:


function main() {
  var locationIterator = AdsApp

  while(locationIterator.hasNext() && locationIterator.totalNumEntities() > 1) {
    var location =;
    if(config.EXCLUDE_LOCATIONS !== "" && config.EXCLUDE_LOCATIONS.indexOf(location.getId()) >= 0){

    var locationCpa = location.getStatsFor(config.DATE_RANGE).getCost() / location.getStatsFor(config.DATE_RANGE).getConversions();
    var campaignCpa = location.getCampaign().getStatsFor(config.DATE_RANGE).getCost() / location.getCampaign().getStatsFor(config.DATE_RANGE).getConversions();
    var newLocationBid = campaignCpa / locationCpa;

    // If there is an location CPA, we will place a bidadjustment
    if(isNaN(newLocationBid) === false && isFinite(locationCpa) === true && location.getBidModifier() !== newLocationBid) {
      if(newLocationBid < 0.8) { newLocationBid = 0.58; }
      if(newLocationBid > 1.2) { newLocationBid = 1.2; }
      	if(config.LOG === true) {
          Logger.log("Campaign: " + location.getCampaign().getName());
          Logger.log("Location: " + location.getName()); 
          Logger.log("Location CPA: " + locationCpa);
          Logger.log("New location bid: " + newLocationBid);

  } // location iterator      
} // function main()

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