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Duplicate Query Checker across accounts
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Multiple keywords can be eligible for the same user query. To prevent your data from being scattered all over the place, Brainlabs wrote a great script to find identical query's in different ad groups. We've adjusted the script to look over account borders so you can check for duplicate queries across accounts. And we took the liberty to further enhance the script.

What is does?

The scripts check if a user query is matched to multiple keywords. This could be in the same ad group, across ad groups, and across accounts. If it finds a duplicate, the script then writes the results to a Google Sheet. This way you can easily spot duplicates and create negative keywords to prevent them. The script is tested in MCC's with up to 9 accounts.

Find duplicate search terms across accounts


We've made some improvements to make the script more versatile. Although the majority is still written by Brainlabs, we've added:

  • Adjustable date range
    You can adjust the desired date range in the config now
  • Google Sheet styling
    A fixed first row with the headers in bold
  • Additional settings
    See "Settings" chapter below: extra options are available because the script is adjusted to run on MCC-level


  • SPREADSHEET_URL: The URL of the Google Sheet the results will be put into. This can be an empty Google Sheet
  • ACCOUNT_IDS or LABEL_NAME: Choose if you want to select accounts by Account ID or by applying a label. Leave empty if you want to check all account in the MCC
  • CAMPAIGN_NAME_CONTAINS: Use this if you only want to look at some campaigns
  • CAMPAIGN_NAME_DOES_NOT_CONTAIN: Use this if you want to exclude some campaigns
  • IGNORE_PAUSED_CAMPAIGNS: Set this to 'true' to only look at currently active campaigns
  • IMPRESSION_TRESHOLD: Only queries with more than this number of impressions will be looked at
  • DATE_RANGE: Pick your desired date range. See options here
  • CROSS_ACCOUNT_ONLY: Set this to 'true' if you want to show cross-account duplicates only
  • IGNORE_BMM_EXACT: If your ad groups are split by match type (e.g. BMM/Exact) and you want to ignore duplicates in their match type equivalent ad group, set this to 'true' and fill in the identifiers below
  • BMM_IDENTIFIER and EXACT_IDENTIFIER: See explanation above

Scheduling: No need to schedule this script. Just run it once in a while to check for duplicate search terms across accounts. 

The script
// Duplicate Query Checker across accounts (MCC)
// Check for duplicate search terms across accounts
// Created By: Brainlabs
// Adjusted by: Martijn Kraan
// Brightstep.nl
// Created: 23-09-2019
// Last update: 23-09-2019

var config = {

    SPREADSHEET_URL: 'https://docs.google.com/YOUR-SPREADSHEET-URL-HERE',
    // The URL of the Google Sheet the results will be put into.
    // This can be an empty Google Sheet

    ACCOUNT_IDS: [],
    LABEL_NAME: '',
    // Pick you preferred method of selecting accounts
    // Fill in the account ID's or apply a label to the account you want to check
    // Leave the other variable empty
    // E.g. ACCOUNT_IDS: ['123-456-7891', '987-654-3211'] or leave empty by using []
    // E.g. LABEL_NAME: 'script: Duplicate Query Checker' or leave empty by using ''

    // Use this if you only want to look at some campaigns.
    // For example ["Brand"] would only look at campaigns with 'Brand' in the name,
    // while ["Brand","Generic"] would only look at campaigns with 'Brand' or 'Generic'
    // in the name.
    // Leave as [] to include all campaigns.  

    // Use this if you want to exclude some campaigns.
    // For example ["Display"] would ignore any campaigns with 'Display' in the name,
    // while ["Display","Shopping"] would ignore any campaigns with 'Display' or
    // 'Shopping' in the name.
    // Leave as [] to not exclude any campaigns.

    // Set this to true to only look at currently active campaigns.
    // Set to false to also include campaigns that are currently paused. 

    // Only queries with more than this number of impressions will be looked at.
    // Set as 0 to look at all available queries.

    // Pick your desired date range. See options here:
    // developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/awql#formal_grammar

    // If 'true', show cross-account duplicates only
    // Of 'false', show duplicates within the same account as well

    IGNORE_BMM_EXACT: false,
    BMM_IDENTIFIER: 'bmm',
    // If you're structure consists of ad groups split by match type (e.g. BMM/Exact),
    // fill in the identifiers and set IGNORE_BMM_EXACT to true to ignore these duplicates
    // If 'true', duplicate query's in an equivalent BMM/Exact ad group will be ignored
    // If 'false', duplicate query's in an equivalent BMM/Exact ad group will be show



function main() {

    var accountSelector;

    if (config.ACCOUNT_IDS.length != 0) {
        accountSelector = AdsManagerApp.accounts().withIds(config.ACCOUNT_IDS);
    if (config.LABEL_NAME) {
        accountSelector = AdsManagerApp.accounts().withCondition('LabelNames CONTAINS "' + config.LABEL_NAME + '"');
    accountSelector.executeInParallel('processClientAccount', 'afterProcessAllClientAccounts');


The "main function" of the script
which is executed for each account
and return the duplicate queries
function processClientAccount() {

    // Process the client account 
    var queries = getQueries(campaignIds);

    // Return the result
    return JSON.stringify(queries);

After all accounts are checked:
Builds array of Adgroups indexed by Query. 
Queries => [adGroups, CampaignId, ...], ...]
function afterProcessAllClientAccounts(results) {

    var queries = {};
    var totalRows = [];

    // Combine the returned queries from each account into one array  
    for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
        var result = JSON.parse(results[i].getReturnValue());
        totalRows = totalRows.concat(result);

    for (var j = 0; j < totalRows.length; j++) {
        var row = totalRows[j];

        var metrics = [row['AccountDescriptiveName'], row['AdGroupId'], row['AdGroupName'], row['CampaignId'], row['CampaignName'], row['KeywordTextMatchingQuery'], row['Impressions'], row['Clicks'], row['Cost'], row['Conversions']]

        // If the query is new...
        if (typeof queries[row['Query']] == 'undefined') {
            queries[row['Query']] = [metrics];
        } else {
            // If the duplicate is in the same account...
            if (config.CROSS_ACCOUNT_ONLY && queries[row['Query']][0][0] == row['AccountDescriptiveName']) {
            // If the duplicate is in the match type equivalent ad group...          
            else if (config.IGNORE_BMM_EXACT && equalizer(queries[row['Query']][0][2]) == equalizer(row['AdGroupName'])) {
            } else {

    for (var property in queries) {
        if (queries[property].length == 1) {
            delete queries[property];
    // return queries;  
    Logger.log(Object.keys(queries).length + ' Search Queries appear in two or more Ad Groups.');

    // Check the spreadsheet and export the results  
    var writeSpreadsheet = checkSpreadsheet(config.SPREADSHEET_URL, 'the spreadsheet');
    var writeSheet = writeSpreadsheet.getSheets()[0];
    writeReport(queries, writeSheet);

// Check the spreadsheet URL has been entered, and that it works
function checkSpreadsheet(spreadsheetUrl, spreadsheetName) {
    if (spreadsheetUrl.replace(/[AEIOU]/g, "X") == 'https://docs.google.com/YXXR-SPRXXDSHXXT-XRL-HXRX') {
        throw ('Problem with ' + spreadsheetName + ' URL: make sure you\'ve replaced the default with a valid spreadsheet URL.');
    try {
        var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(spreadsheetUrl);

        // Checks if you can edit the spreadsheet
        var sheet = spreadsheet.getSheets()[0];
        var sheetName = sheet.getName();

        return spreadsheet;
    } catch (e) {
        throw ('Problem with ' + spreadsheetName + ' URL: "' + e + '"');

// Get the IDs of campaigns which match the given options
function getCampaignIds(ignorePausedCampaigns, campaignNameDoesNotContain, campaignNameContains) {
    var whereStatement = 'WHERE ';
    var whereStatementsArray = [];
    var campaignIds = [];

    if (ignorePausedCampaigns) {
        whereStatement += 'CampaignStatus = ENABLED ';
    } else {
        whereStatement += 'CampaignStatus IN ["ENABLED", "PAUSED"] ';

    for (var i = 0; i < campaignNameDoesNotContain.length; i++) {
        whereStatement += 'AND CampaignName DOES_NOT_CONTAIN_IGNORE_CASE "' + campaignNameDoesNotContain[i].replace(/"/g, '\\\"') + '" ';

    if (campaignNameContains.length == 0) {
        whereStatementsArray = [whereStatement];
    } else {
        for (var i = 0; i < campaignNameContains.length; i++) {
            whereStatementsArray.push(whereStatement + 'AND CampaignName CONTAINS_IGNORE_CASE "' + campaignNameContains[i].replace(/"/g, '\\\"') + '" ');

    for (var i = 0; i < whereStatementsArray.length; i++) {
        var campaignReport = AdWordsApp.report(
            ' SELECT CampaignId ' +
            whereStatementsArray[i] +
            'DURING ' + config.DATE_RANGE);

        var rows = campaignReport.rows();
        while (rows.hasNext()) {
            var row = rows.next();

    if (campaignIds.length == 0) {
        throw ('No campaigns found with the given settings.');

    Logger.log(campaignIds.length + ' campaigns found');
    return campaignIds;

Downloads a search query performance report
Stores data in an array. 
Returns that array.
function getQueries(campaignIds) {

    var queries = [];
    var report = AdWordsApp.report(
        ' SELECT Query, AccountDescriptiveName, CampaignId, CampaignName, AdGroupId, AdGroupName, KeywordTextMatchingQuery, Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Conversions' +
        ' WHERE ' +
        ' CampaignId IN [' + campaignIds.join(',') + ']' +
        ' AND Impressions > ' + config.IMPRESSION_TRESHOLD +
        ' DURING ' + config.DATE_RANGE);

    var rows = report.rows();

    while (rows.hasNext()) {
        var row = rows.next();
        if (row['KeywordTextMatchingQuery'].indexOf('==') > -1) { //The 'keyword' is a product in a Shopping campaign
    return queries;

Goes through object writing each line to a sheet.
Search Terms are ordered by total impressions.
function writeReport(queries, writeSheet) {

    var queryTotalImpressions = {};
    for (var query in queries) {
        var impressions = 0;
        var metrics = queries[query];
        for (var j = 0; j < metrics.length; j++) {
            impressions += parseInt(metrics[j][6].replace(/,/g, ''), 10);
        queryTotalImpressions[query] = impressions;
    var orderedQueries = Object.keys(queries).sort(function(a, b) {
        return queryTotalImpressions[b] - queryTotalImpressions[a];

    writeSheet.getRange(1, 1, 1, 11).setValues([
        ['Search Term', 'Account', 'AdGroup Id', 'AdGroup Name', 'Campaign Id', 'Campaign Name', 'Triggered Keyword', 'Impressions', 'Clicks', 'Cost', 'Conversions']

    var vertical = 2;
    var sizes = [];
    for (var i in orderedQueries) {
    for (var i in orderedQueries) {
        var entry = orderedQueries[i];
        var currentArrays = queries[entry];
        var size = sizes[i];
        writeSheet.getRange(vertical, 1).setValue(entry);
        writeSheet.getRange(vertical, 2, size, 10).setValues(currentArrays);
        vertical += size;
    // Some additional formatting
    Logger.log('The data has been written to the sheet specified by URL provided');

Helper function: make ad group names equal to check for BMM / Exact duplicates
function equalizer(adGroupName) {
    var strippedAdGroupName = adGroupName.replace(config.EXACT_IDENTIFIER, '').replace(config.BMM_IDENTIFIER, '').toLowerCase();
    return strippedAdGroupName;
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