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Automatically exclude all exact keywords in DSA adgroups. Search traffic will land in the most relevant adgroup.

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Exclude exact-match keywords in DSA adgroups
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Do you use DSA adgroups within your search campaigs? You may be using DSA for keywordmining or to increase your impressions. If you have separate DSA adgroups in your account, it is recommended to exclude all search terms that you already advertise on. Then your adgroups do not compete with each other and the searchterms enter the adgroup with the most relevant ads.

This script helps you with this and is easy to use. It automatically adds all exact-match keywords as a negative keyword in your DSA adgroup.

Do you use seperate DSA-campaigns? We also have a script to exclude keywords that way!


  • LOG: Specify whether the script should report the intermediate steps, by adjusting the value to 'true'.
  • DSA_ADGROUP_NAME: Enter (part of) the name of your DSA adgroups.
The script
// Copyright 2022 - until eternity
// Free to use or alter for everyone. A mention would be nice ;-)
// Created by: Tibbe van Asten
// for Adsscripts.com
// Created: 01-10-2019
// Last update: 11-11-2022
// This script will help the account kept clean.
// Exact match keywords will be excluded in the DSA adgroups.

var config = {

  // Set LOG to true to check for errors. Once this script runs
  // smootly, set to false to improve script performance.
  LOG : true,

  // All DSA adgroups will have the following mark in the name
  // Use multiple values by using pipes; "DSA|ABC|Etc"
  // Select the keyword match types you want to exclude
  // Use one or multiple BROAD, EXACT, PHRASE. Split by comma



function main(){
  var adGroupNames = config.DSA_ADGROUP_NAME.split("|");
  for(var i = 0;i < adGroupNames.length;i++){
    adGroupNames[i] = ".*" + adGroupNames[i] + ".*";
  adGroupNames = adGroupNames.join("|").toString();
  var adGroupIterator = AdsApp
    .withCondition("ad_group.name REGEXP_MATCH '"+adGroupNames+"'")
    .withCondition("ad_group.status = ENABLED")
    .withCondition("campaign.status = ENABLED")
    var adGroup = adGroupIterator.next();
    var campaign = adGroup.getCampaign();
    var keywordIterator = campaign
      .withCondition("ad_group_criterion.status = ENABLED")
      .withCondition("ad_group.status = ENABLED")
      .withCondition("ad_group_criterion.keyword.match_type IN (" + config.KEYWORD_TYPES + ")")

      var keyword = keywordIterator.next();
      if(keyword.getMatchType() == "EXACT"){ var negativeKeyword = "[" + keyword.getText() + "]"; }
      if(keyword.getMatchType() == "PHRASE"){ var negativeKeyword = '"' + keyword.getText() + '"'; }
      if(keyword.getMatchType() == "BROAD"){ var negativeKeyword = keyword.getText(); }
        if(config.LOG === true){
          Logger.log("Excluded "+negativeKeyword+" in "+adGroup.getName());
    } // keywordIterator
  } // adGroupIterator

} // function main()
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