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Finally, it is now possible to export search term data from your PMax campaigns. This allows you to quickly see which search terms your campaign is showing on. Unfortunately no cost data (yet), but it does let you know if you are bringing in relevant impressions or not.

How it works

This script selects all PMax campaigns in your account and exports the data to a Google Spreadsheet. A separate tab is created for each campaign. Without modifications, the script will export the last 30 days of data, but you can customize this to your liking.


Configure the script by adjusting the following parameters in the CONFIG:

  • LOG: if you want to see more information in the debug of the script, set it to 'true'
  • DATE_RANGE: Adjust only the number to the number of days the script must look back to collect data
  • SPREADSHEET_URL: Create a new spreadsheet, copy and paste the URL here

Frequency: entirely at your discretion. Maximum of 1x per day.

The script
// Copyright 2023
// Free to use or alter for everyone. A mention would be nice ;-)
// Idea By: Mike Rhodes
// Put on steroids by: Tibbe van Asten
// Created: 15-08-2023
// Last update: 18-08-2023: fixed a little mistake in the query, that prevents you from collecting more than 30 days data
// Export search term from Pmax campaigns to a spreadsheet.

var config = {

    LOG : false,

    // Change the number of days of which data must be exported. Only change the number!
    DATE_RANGE: last_n_days(30),
    // Edit the URL of an empty Google Sheet in here, with '/edit' at the end
  function main() {
      var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(config.SPREADSHEET_URL);
    let campaignIterator = AdsApp
      .withCondition("campaign.status = ENABLED")
      let campaign =;
      let query =
        "SELECT campaign_search_term_insight.category_label, metrics.clicks, metrics.impressions, metrics.conversions, metrics.conversions_value " +
        "FROM campaign_search_term_insight " +
        "WHERE campaign_search_term_insight.campaign_id = '" + campaign.getId() + "' " +
        "AND BETWEEN '" + config.DATE_RANGE.split(',')[0] + "' AND '" + config.DATE_RANGE.split(',')[1] + "' " +
        "ORDER BY metrics.impressions DESC"
        if(config.LOG === true){
           Logger.log("Report " + campaign.getName() + " contains " + query.rows().totalNumEntities() + " rows.");
      let sheet = checkTab(spreadsheet, campaign.getName());
    } // campaignIterator    
  function checkTab(file, tabName){
      var tab = SpreadsheetApp.openById(file.getId()).getSheetByName(tabName);
      if(config.LOG === true){
       Logger.log("Selected tab " + tabName);      
    } else {
      var tab = SpreadsheetApp.openById(file.getId()).insertSheet(tabName);
        if(config.LOG === true){
         Logger.log("Created tab " + tabName);      
    // Remove default tab in Dutch
      var defaultSheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(file.getId()).getSheetByName("Blad1")
    // Remove default tab in English
      var defaultSheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById(file.getId()).getSheetByName("Sheet1")
    return tab;
  } // function checkTab
  function last_n_days(n) {
      var	from = new Date(), to = new Date();
      to.setUTCDate(from.getUTCDate() - n);
    from.setUTCDate(from.getUTCDate() - 1);
      return google_date_range(from, to);
  } // function last_n_days()
  function google_date_range(from, to) {
      function google_format(date) {
          var date_array = [date.getUTCFullYear(), date.getUTCMonth() + 1, date.getUTCDate()];
          if (date_array[1] < 10) date_array[1] = '0' + date_array[1];
          if (date_array[2] < 10) date_array[2] = '0' + date_array[2];
          return date_array.join('');
      var inverse = (from > to);
      from = google_format(from);
      to = google_format(to);
      var result = [from, to];
      if (inverse) {
          result = [to, from];
      return result.join(',');
  } // function google_date_range()
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