Website change, landing pages change and URLs change. Several scripts are available to check for invalid links and 404 pages, but what about redirects?

This script utilizes Google Apps Script's UrlFetchApp to check if an ad has has a redirect response code (3xx). If so, the script will fetch the new URL. Since Google Ads Scripts cannot edit existing ads, the ad with the old URL will be paused and its content is placed into a new ad within the same adgroup. This will be done for ETAs and RSAs.


  • This is an MCC script so you have to add the accountId.
  • Before running this script it is advised to run an example to check the actual changes and check te log files for additional information.
  Redirect follower v2 by Bas Baudoin
  This scripts replaces ETA/RSA final URLs with 301/302 redirected URL if available
  - MCC script
  - Change account ID
  - Run example, check logs
  - Non-domain urls
  - Extensions

var accountId = 'XXX-XXX-XXX'

// placeholders
var urlCombos = {}
var checkedUrls = {}

// functions - do not alter ************************************************************

function main() {
  var account = AdsManagerApp.accounts().withIds([accountId])

function updateAds(urls) {
  var adSelector =
    .withCondition('Status = ENABLED')
    .withCondition("AdGroupStatus = ENABLED")
    .withCondition("CampaignStatus = ENABLED")
    .withCondition("Type IN [EXPANDED_TEXT_AD, VERSATILE_TEXT_AD]")

  while (adSelector.hasNext()) {
    var ad =
    var finalUrl = ad.urls().getFinalUrl()
    var adGroup = ad.getAdGroup()
    var adType = ad.getType()

    // check url availability or add to objects
    var hasNewUrl = urlCombos[finalUrl]
    var hasNoNewUrl = checkedUrls[finalUrl]
    if (hasNewUrl) {
      // Recreate ETA
      if (adType == 'EXPANDED_TEXT_AD') {
        Logger.log('new ETA in ' + ad.getAdGroup().getName())
        var eta = ad.asType().expandedTextAd()

        var path1 = eta.getPath1() || ''
        var path2 = eta.getPath2() || ''
        var headline3 = eta.getHeadlinePart3() || ''
        var description2 = eta.getDescription2() || ''

        Logger.log('ad: ' + finalUrl + ' - ' + hasNewUrl)

        var adOperation = adGroup.newAd().expandedTextAdBuilder()

        // Recreate RSA
      } else if (adType == 'VERSATILE_TEXT_AD') {
        Logger.log('new RSA in ' + ad.getAdGroup().getName())
        var rsa = ad.asType().responsiveSearchAd()

        var headlines = rsa.getHeadlines()
        var descriptions = rsa.getDescriptions()
        Logger.log('ad: ' + finalUrl + ' - ' + hasNewUrl)

        var rsaOperation = adGroup.newAd().responsiveSearchAdBuilder()
  Logger.log('Final results')

function findRedirectUrl(finalUrl) {
  if (urlCombos[finalUrl] || checkedUrls[finalUrl]) {
    //Logger.log('Url already checked')
    return false
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(finalUrl, { followRedirects: false, muteHttpExceptions: true })
  var responseCode = response.getResponseCode()
  var newUrl = response.getHeaders()['Location']
  if (!newUrl) {
    checkedUrls[finalUrl] = 'checked'

  if (!responseCode) {
    Logger.log('no response code')

    // redirect starts with 3
  } else if (responseCode.toString()[0] == '3') {
    if (newUrl.indexOf('http') >= 0) {
      urlCombos[finalUrl] = newUrl
      return true
    } else {
      checkedUrls[finalUrl] = 'checked'
      //Logger.log(newUrl + ' does not contain http')
  return false

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