Google Ads Scripts

Within Google Ads you have the possibility to use scripts. These Google Ads Scripts make managing your campaigns simple, you automatically make changes or you focus on optimizing your campaigns.

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Easily get an overview of all Responsive Search Ads in your account with associated rating.


Curious what Smart Bidding does with the actual bids? This script provides insight into the CPC peaks in your account.


Quick insight into the number of impressions, clicks and more from search terms that are no longer visible in accounts.


Export product data to a Google Sheet and calculate the ROI of each product.


Now BMM is disappearing as a matchtype, this script will fix your account.


Analyze keyword and product performance over the past period. What is the influence of keywords and products with only 1 or 2 conversions?


Use this script to build and maintain Google Shopping campaigns in your account.


Automatically exclude all exact keywords in DSA campaigns. Search traffic will land in the most relevant adgroup.


Automatically exclude all exact keywords in DSA adgroups. Search traffic will land in the most relevant adgroup.


Receive email notification when your account performs one or two standard deviations from the mean.


Receive a notification when the expenditure of your campaigns exceeds the set daily budget.


With this script you ensure that keywords are added in all different match types in an adgroup.

Grow your PPC accounts with Google Ads Scripts

We have divided the available Google Ads Scripts into functionality. For example, there are scripts for reports, exclusions, bids and bid adjustments. Are Google Ads Scripts new to you? Then first read our tips & tricks so that you can make a good start.

Monitor, report, automate and bid with Google Ads scripts

The application of scripts in Google Ads can serve several purposes. For example, there are scripts available that keep an eye on your account and that can warn you about errors. This ensures that you quickly resolve these errors and a script can do this check at any time of the day. These Google Ads scripts have no impact on campaign results.

In addition, scripts are available which can report results from campaigns. Scripts can write these results in an email or to a Google Sheet. With this you are automatically informed of the performance of your account(s) and you no longer need to transfer data from Google Ads by hand.

Scrips that automate work in Google Ads free up time for strategic analysis and account choices. In addition, you do not have to perform (boring) repetitive tasks. Google Ads scripts can also automate bids in accounts. For example, all bid adjustments can be automated based on your wishes, but you can also go a step further by developing your own algorithm with which you manage bids in accounts. You can involve external data in determining the ideal bid, such as the weather or your own attribution tool. With scripts in Google Ads you can easily hook up these external services.

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