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This is not the first and will definitely not be the last list with so-called top PPC automation scripts out there. But we want you to benefit from our experience and use the PPC automation scripts to the fullest. 


Tips & Tricks


We know that not everybody is an expert on PPC scripts, so we want to make this as easy as possible. The scripts we gathered here are usually plug-and-play. You copy the script, paste in into Google Ads and you're ready to go. Some scripts require so to manage some settings. But we've tried to keep this easy too. So maybe you'll have to create a new Google Sheet and copy the URL or determine your maximum or minimum CPC-bid, but that's it.

Best PPC Reporting Scripts

Most PPC scripts available on the web are for reporting purposes. PPC automation scripts can make reporting a lot easier and also help you to disclose information that is burried deep within the system. These following scripts are easy to implement and require no coding skills:

  1. Negative Keyword Conflict
    Make sure that negative keywords are not blocking any keywords in your account. 
  2. Quality Score Tracker - MCC
    Keep track of the QS in your accounts and improve them to boost performance. This script puts all data in an Google Sheet.
  3. Link Checker - MCC
    A report on links from ads or extensions that end on a 404-error-page. This makes it easy to keep track of all your links and replace them when they're not in use anymore.
  4. Keyword Match Type Validator
    When structuring your account by keyword match type, this script will help you to maintain a clean structure. 
  5. Keyword Quality Report - MCC
    An overview of all keywords in your accounts that need improvement. Keywords with a low QS, bad Time-On-Site, high bouncerate, low ad relevance are put in a Google Sheet.

Best PPC Automation Scripts

When you want to use Google Ads scripts for more then just reporting, we've got what you want! For managing negative keywords, bidadjustments of maintaining your Google Shopping structure, PPC scripts are also very usefull. This will leave you with more time to optimize your strategy and find new opportunities for your clients, instead of doing a lot of repetitive and boring account optimizations. We also use these following PPC automation scripts for a lot of clients ourselves:

  1. Exclude Non-branded traffic in Branded Shopping campaigns
    When you're structuring your Shopping campaigns in a Branded <> Non-branded way, you'll have to exclude a lot of queries to maintain a clean cut. This scripts automates this process for you.
  2. 24/7 Bidding 2.0
    The ad schedule only accepts 6 bidadjustments per day. Using this script, you can change your bidadjusments 24 times a day. Based on historic data, the bidadjustment will be calculated.
  3. Create Responsive Search Ads (RSA)
    Using RSA's is a way to increase traffic in your campaigns. But implementing this, will be a lot of work. This script will automate this process for you.
  4. SPAGS: Single Product AdGroups
    Automatically setup your Google Shopping campaignstructure. Very easy to make sure you make the most of your Google Shopping.
  5. Exclude queries with high CPA
    Use a maximum CPA to find underperforming search queries and exclude them in your campaigns.


 We like to hear from you! What are your favorite PPC scripts? And what automation scripts do we need to add to this website? Leave your suggestions in the comment-section below.

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